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Who are we?

ChipDesignWorks is a Dutch company founded in 2001 by Anne-Johan Annema and Bram Nauta. The two founders are experienced designers with a number of years experience in research, development and education in the field of design of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Based on their experiences (as researcher, circuit designer and as supervisor) they realized that the productivity of designers and the quality of their circuit designs could be boosted by providing the right EDA (Electronics Design & Automation) tools.

The two founders try to provide the ChipDesignWorks customers with the tools their designers need. Our philosophy, visible in our EDA tools, is that tools must be intuitive to use and that at the same time all desired (and a little more) functionality must be provided by the tool. To reach this goal, in our opinion it is extremely important to really make EDA tools designed by circuit designer for circuit designers.