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About ProMOST

ChipDesignWorks' ProMOST is a single transistor optimizer targeted towards analog and RF circuit designers, mainly for CMOS technologies. ProMOST lets you quickly:

ProMOST supports many transistor models, including many MOS11, PSP and BSIM models. ProMOST is developed for use in industry, and as such currently used within a number of major electronics companies and design houses worldwide. The ProMOST software runs on Linux machines, either stand-alone or integrated in Cadence.

News - March 2018 - ProMOST 4.3 released

ProMOST 4.3 includes some bug fix and performance enhancements including:

  • updates to process more complex process files in TheConverter
  • extended support for remote operation of ProMOST
  • added/updated a few model transistor models

News - Januari 2017 - ProMOST 4.2 released

ProMOST 4.2 includes some bug fix and performance enhancements:

  • added support for binned spread calculations
  • added recipe file support to TheConverter to simplify conversions
  • added autocorrect functionality for JDK1.8 to TheConverter
  • improved start up scripts to allow more customisation
  • added a few model transistor models

News - Januari 2016 - ProMOST 4.1 released

ProMOST 4.1 includes some bug fix and performance enhancements:

  • improved solvers for Verilog-based models (e.g. bsimimg)
  • TheConverter can handle large and more complex PDKs
  • improved support for compound models: now also non-linear resistances and capacitances are supported
  • simple verilog models in compound models are semi automatically converted
  • added support to filter process names in the GUI

News - June 2015 - ProMOST 4.0 released

ProMOST 4.0 includes new features:

  • an addin that is dedicated to RF design of MOS circuits
  • improved performance
  • support for more transistor models

News - May 2014 - ProMOST 3.3 released

ProMOST 3.3 includes both bugfixes and new features:

  • improvements in the TheConverter, now with semi automatically creating data sets when running from within Cadence
  • support for bipolar transistors (targeting RF applications)
  • support for tran, dc, op, pss when started from within Cadence

News - July 2013 - ProMOST 3.2 released

ProMOST 3.2 is mostly a bugfix release, including many small improvements, among which:

  • improvements in the TheConverter
  • improved auto process matching running from within Cadence
  • improved TheDistortion addin
  • fixed gate-leakage parameter bugs
  • added a temperature sweep
  • auto scan of process technology data files